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{staging tips}

What's the secret to selling your home quickly and for top dollar?  

Make an emotional connection with the buyer.

Studies show that once buyers begin to visualize themselves living in the home, a sale usually follows. In today's tough market, staging is the only way to set your house apart from the competitors.  It's all about seeing your space through the eyes of the buyer.


  • First Impressions Matter ~ clean the exterior and create an inviting entry

  • Clear out the Clutter ~ de-personalize the entire home by removing family photos, religious artifacts and diplomas.  Start packing early!

  • Interior Sprucing ~a coat of fresh paint in neutral colors, touch up trim and baseboards

  • Inspect Interior and Exterior ~  make obvious repairs

  • Deep Clean Entire House ~ don't forget windows and carpet.  Hire a cleaning crew or do a thorough job yourself.

  • Most Importantly ~ the way you currently live in your house IS NOT the way you showcase it to buyers.

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