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There are no second chances in making a first impression. Buyers can make quick decisions on a house based on the way they feel about it before they walk through the front door. 



Whether you are looking to stage your home to sell, organizing your "mess", or redesigning to fit your needs and/or changing tastes, Watermelon Tree Design can restyle your spaces turning your home into the comfortable and inviting place you long for.

          Serving Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, and Suffolk, Virginia

Our Mission
Home Staging ~ Our mission is to create gorgeous, livable spaces that buyers fall in love with, so your home sells fast and for the best possible price!
Redesign ~ The mission of our redesign service is to have a thorough understanding of our clients, their home and their day-to-day needs to create an organized, stylish, reflective space that gives them peace, sanctuary and helps them to LOVE their home!
Organizing ~ Our mission is to encourage, assist, and educate others in effective personal, home, and office organization creating balance, harmony, and order so they are freer to develop the more important areas of their lives.
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